‘Our lives are defined by our relationships’

This is a very big statement but when analyzed we can see great truth in it. Because when you think about it everything we do in life involves others so who we associate with will start affecting how we think and act. I think this week opened our eyes to see the big picture of relationships. God created man to be in community with one another. He designed this from the beginning of time when He created Adam and Eve. We can see God’s heart for relationships in the Trinity- They’re all God and all have full authority but they all humbly submit to each other. Its such a beautiful example for us of how we should treat relationships – with love and humility.

Something that really stuck out to me this week was when Lindsey (our speaker) said God created us in His image so when we decrease the value of someone we decrease the value of God. The greatest commandment is love the Lord with all your heart followed by love your neighbour as yourself so that the love we receive from God should be reflected in how we treat the people in our lives. Lindsey spoke to us about being interdependent-mutaual need and trust between both people in the relationship- we shouldn’t be so dependent on someone that we find our value in them but also not so independent that we feel like we don’t need anyone. We were given an example of a bucket and how when God fills our bucket, He fills it with value, identity and worth but how we sometimes want to fill it with value in our friends, selfish desires, etc. but by doing this we are creating a hole in our bucket and we never feel completely whole- only God can complete us.

We need to find our identity in Him! We saw that there is a difference between honour ad respect and how its so important to honour our parents. Gratitude towards our parents is so important and I think it really made me realize how often I forget to thank them for all they do. God definitely spoke to me a lot this week through Lindsey and its opened my eyes to see relationships from a different angle. The best part is that God wants to have relationship with us!

By Natalie from South Africa.


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    What a stumble! Came across this post from the big G.

  2. Marion Hebda Says:

    I guess so…

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