A Relational God

Where is God during the day? Is He with us during prayer? Is He with us during worship? …the answer, of course, is YES! In fact, most of us have probably experienced His presence during these ULTRA spiritual times. Recently, however, God has been revealing to me that His love and desire to spend time with us goes much further. He wants to penetrate our conversations, our time at the beach, our relationships, our dreams. He wants to be there while we’re eating our delicious base food and while we’re riding on the train, while we’re hiking up Muizenberg mountain with friends or having deep talks with classmates. If you’re not getting the picture yet… He wants to be part of EVERYTHING!! God has used many methods to teach me this over the last few weeks, but one very unconventional way sticks out in particular. What do Namibia, Canada, South Korea, Kenya, South Africa, and the United States have in common? Is this a new alliance of nations? …maybe in a way yes:) It is an alliance forged from a common ability to generate an offensive odor! This alliance is fondly refered to as the “Stinky Room” by our fellow students. We are room #15 at YWAM Muizenberg. If we were to have a flag it would most likely be crafted from the unending supply of smelly socks and underwear that reside in every corner of our humble living space. Our room also has a supernatural anointing of gaseous eruptions that have often blessed our room with continuous melodies:) At this point I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “What does a room full of smelly dudes have to do with my relationship with the Lord?!” Our goal, as a group of brothers, is where the answer lies. Our goal is to know God and to have Him consume our lives. See, the Father is there when we pray as a room, or when we worship late at night, or when we’re having room bible studies… but may I also suggest that he’s there when we’re laughing, when we’re exercising, and even when we’re pranking one another. God doesn’t only want to be invited to share certain aspects of our lives… He wants to enjoy it ALL with us! The question is, are we inviting Him and do we recognize His presence during these times? God is a Father, a mother, a sister, a brother, and a friend. He is excited about our lives!! He cares about everything from the smallest detail to the biggest life altering decision. When was the last time you took a walk on the beach with the Lord? …played soccer with Him? …shared a cup of coffee with Him? It’s often during these times, when we least expect it, that we can feel the closest to Him. Challenge yourself this week to involve God in your everyday activities. Go body boarding with Him. Scrub some dishes with Him. This simple concept has been life changing for me. It has brought me to new levels of relationship with the Lord. Even as I write this His presence brings me peace and happiness. So take a lesson from the “Stinky Room”and give it a shot! Jesus is a pretty fun dude!! 🙂

By Nate McPherson from USA


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