Local outreach Testimonies

It was Friday and, as planned, the group and I headed to Capricorn for outreach for the third time. The door to door evangelism group consisted of Suretha, Robin, Emma, and I. We decided to revisit a house that we had prayed at last week. We had prayed that the elderly woman, Meanna, would not have to use a pump to help her breath and that the man, Trynmore, would get work. This week, Meanna was in high spirits, unlike the first time we saw her. She told us Trymore got work and she did not use her pump once! All I could do was be completely blown away about how God works and laugh.
What struck me was that even if we had not seen the fruit of our prayer, there would still be fruit. He works even when we do not see it. Sometimes we are unhappy just to plant seeds.
There was an elderly man, Anton, inside the house this week. Last week he had been sitting outside the house. We had seen him walking around harshly bent over. We learnt that he had arthritis from his knees up to his back. As we prayed for him I felt so helpless. How many times had I prayed for healing before and nothing seemed to change. I had been asking God if I could see a healing. So many people have told me about God healing people but I wanted to experience his majesty for myself. However, while praying in this house, I did not see a way for God to work. Since I could not heal this man, he probably was not going to get healed. I am not a doctor, just a DTS student. Maybe I should pray harder or feel more emotional for God to work. When it came down to it, all I could pray for was that God could show his glory to us. After everyone prayed, Anton received God’s blessing. He straightened his back and started crying. Meanna was dancing and screaming with joy, in Afrikaans so I could not understand a thing. I looked from one person to the other. What was going on?
It is funny that we ask for things from God and then do not understand why he is giving it to us. We asked for it. God deeply blessed me when he showed his glory that day. God works in ways greater than we could ever know, or even recognise. He is so faithful. He wants us to ask for things so he can provide for us. He is a provider, a gracious teacher, and, like I witnessed this week, a healer. I am in awe of how he works and reveals himself to us! His ways are perfect!

By Jaydene from Canada